alloway trains 'n things

We will be offering a scenery seminar starting in March.  

We meet the first and third Tuesdays of the month.

Start time is 6:30, and the cost is 20.00 - 

This year we will be constructing the third section of a modular layout - tying into the two already completed, from the framework to the finished scenery touches.

Starting in April, we will be setting up weekend "yard sale" specials featuring a different item selection each week.  We will post on this page, as well as our facebook page, what the feature will be.

We are honored to be a stop on the Salem County Arts in Bloom studio tour, the weekend of May 18 and May 19th.  The trains will be running later on Saturday, but will be up and running all day on Sunday. Sina Kurman will be here with her carvings and other artistic endeavors, as well member of the Salem County Art League  to have the young, and young at heart,  practice their hand at watercolor.